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About Us

If CAmpingHUB started with the camper in mind, CAmpingHUB Digital Services is all about the campground owners and their business needs.

The more we got into the camping industry the more we realized how badly the industry lacks innovative ways of advertising their facilities.

CAmpingHUB provides all your online advertising needs including modern campground websites with 360 campsite or facilities panoramas,  high quality campground video presentations with stunning aerial views from up to 400 ft high and Wi-Fi Networks for campgrounds, all these professionally done.

Our turnkey solutions provide an innovative, high quality and affordable way to advertise your campground which will make your business stand out among the competition and visually reach new customers.

We are dedicated to getting the finished product looking great and to your satisfaction. No project is too small or big for us.

Why Us ?

Our CAmpingHUB team can provide a complete online advertising solution for your campground so you won’t have to look elsewhere.
In addition to our camping business directory CAmpingHUB.CA, which has proven great success for already joined businesses,  we can completely redesign your website and add modern components such as:

  • Campground virtual maps
  • 360 panoramas of your indoor and outdoor facilities
  • High quality campground video presentations

With over 20 year experience in computer networking, we professionally implement Wi-Fi campground networks specially designed with the business owner in mind, very easy to maintain, monitor or expand.

 CAmpingHUB at CampEx 2014

It was an exclusive opportunity to be part of CampEx 2014. Our CAmpingHUB Digital Services division received a tremendous positive feedback from business owners. The service that received the most interest was our HD Video presentation followed by our amazing Interactive Maps with 360 panoramas built-in.

We strongly believe that adding these new dimensions, which we call “effective visuals”, to your campground website would increase your internet exposure and capture your audience’s attention.

They just catch the camper’s eye and don’t let go!

We are definitely looking forward to working with all interested campground owners in the new 2015 season.

 What others say about us

CAmpingHUB has again provided us with a new, innovative, high quality and affordable way to advertise Almaguin Campground.  CAmpingHUB  shot professional quality photos and video throughout our indoor and outdoor facilities and produced a video presentation that within the first few seconds, catches your eye and doesn’t let you go.  The aerial angles and quality are otherwise unattainable.  The video allows us to present our campground to potential customers in a way that is hard to beat.  Since most filming takes place during your busiest season, we were very pleased with CAmpingHUB’s professional conduct and flexibility when filming.  Above all, we most appreciated their sincere dedication to getting the finished product looking great and to our satisfaction.

William Hollett
William HollettOwnerAlmaguin Campground

At Almaguin Campground we are always looking for new and innovative ways to advertise our campground.  In our visual advertising we strive to provide our potential customers with information about our campground that is both enticing and accurate.  CAmpingHUB’s “Interactive Maps and 360 Panoramas” and “3-D virtual Aerial Maps” allowed us to provide our customers with a unique, extremely captivating and representative depiction of our campground that plugged nicely into our already existing website.  We were amazed at the detail and “user-friendly” nature of the virtual aspects and more excited about the 360 panoramas of both our indoor and outdoor facilities.  Lastly, we were very happy with the time and care that was taken by CAmpingHUB  in their attention to the unique details and highlights of our campground.

William Hollett
William HollettOwnerAlmaguin Campground

We, the owners of Almaguin Campground, wanted to provide Wi-Fi internet to our customers within our campground.  We needed someone who could set up the necessary infrastructure and software quickly, provide the high quality yet affordable software and hardware that allows for easy management, network expansions and most importantly, customer satisfaction.  It is our pleasure to share that CAmpingHUB provided all of what we wanted and more.  CAmpingHUB, and specifically Adrian Mic, was able to provide us with various options and associated cost comparisons so that we could choose a set-up that was best for us.  I was most impressed with the ease at which I can monitor and control my customers use, especially given our relatively limited incoming internet speed from our local provider.  I plan to continue working with Adrian on a surveillance system that connects into my Wi-Fi and allows me to monitor my premises over the internet while I am away, definitely an added bonus to the CAmpingHUB package I first went looking for.

William Hollett
William HollettOwnerAlmaguin Campground
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